Academics for Justice

What is AFJ's mission?

The Academic and Research Community traditionally played an important role in advancing justice and human rights throughout the world. The aim of AFJ is to work for justice and human rights, to defend academic freedom of speech and association, to educate the public, and to help bring about peace with justice. A current area of emphasis is working toward a just solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

What are current and planned projects for Academics for Justice?

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In a poll of members, the following priorities were identified (rank number at left indicates average rank for priority, 6 being very important and 1 being unimportant):

5.9 Lifting curfews and encouraging freedom of movement and access to education
5.8 Ensuring freedom of speech at academic institutions
5.6 Organizing teach-ins and other educational events on our campuses
5.5 Media work (letters to editor, op-eds, meeting with journalists and editors)
5.2 Organize divestments and disinvestment campaigns at campuses
5.2 Create petitions and collect signatures
5.1 Organizing speaking tours and other educational tours at campuses
5.0 Direct charitable aid (e.g. to refugee students)
4.2 Putting advertisements in newspapers
5.3 Compiling educatinal material (facts and resources for teachers and others)
5.2 Disseminating action alerts regarding issues pertaining to human rights
4.8 Putting a web page up for all these issues
4.8 Create a coordinating committee and getting better organized to do action
4.5 Registering this group as a non-profit, tax-exempt
3.6 Establish a chat group to discuss actions

What is the function of Academics For Justice listserve?

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AFJ maintains a listserve for academics and researchers who have signed the pledge to boycott Israeli academic and research institutions (to subscribe send a blank message to This LOW TRAFFIC forum is intended to aid the community of human rights advocates at schools, universities, and research institutions to post key announcements of direct interest to academics and researchers. This will NOT be a listserve for chats or a high traffic discussion forum.